Once off, she let out a sigh of relief. Her breasts hung slightly. I could look without being rude, but I was more riveted by her eyes, her beautiful ...ace, my arms were around her again and I held her close, feeling her bare body, except for panties, close to mine. I felt something then and stepped away. She smiled as I looked down and saw a bulge in her panties. “W-wha,” I stammered, she merely laughed. “I so played you, I can’t believe you didn’t notice before” she said grabbing me. “Now. Are off the hook."She breathed deeply for several moments. "How much?" she asked eventually."One-fifty grand," I told her."That's..." her eyebrows were hidden by her fringe in her surprise. "that's a lot less than they were asking." Yes, but it's a lot more than your father borrowed. And he took loans on the equity in the house, too. He's agreed to go into counselling." Oh." She sat silent, obviously thinking things over. "So..." So you're free." But what about..." Miss Sharpe, do you really. She stared into my eyes, whispering, “I haven’t done it in a while, so go easy on me to start with, okay?” To which I grinned and replied, “You’re on top first. You take the lead.”So she knelt up and put my rod into position, lowering slightly to make sure it was on target. Once she felt it against her lips, she slowly lowered down onto it, spreading her incredibly tight walls. Only three inches in and she nearly screamed, “Oh my God! Ryan!” She ever so carefully took in another three inches,. I do want to though. I want to let go right now and fill her with a huge load. To coat the inside of her with my cum, and to feel her cum from the sensation of it.Simply imagining that makes my cock swell to it’s absolute maximum, the way it does just before I cum. Holding myself back is almost unbearable, but I can’t tell her to get off of my cock until I make Xandra cum. Making my own orgasm a reward, I think only of hers. For a moment, Emily’s attention to my body does not faze me. She is.

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Hindi aunty sex

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