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She wanted to start the game again, take up where we left off? My recipe for instant hard-on is ‘willing girl’ so I instantly got a hard on. I rea...ly didn’t think my sister would be willing, but the head of my dick doesn’t have a brain, it just reacts. I stood from my chair, exposed my pride and shot a picture of it standing long and strong from my body. After I hit Send I realized I has just sexted my own sister and my cock got harder. In seconds I got another text “Don’t you have any nuts?”I. Sarah was huddling in a corner shaking with fear, almost in shock. In what seemed like one motion, I scooped her up, running back to the truck.I lay her in the back, giving her room, and Carrie jumped over the seat, hugging and kissing her until she calmed down. We were about to leave when someone started pounding on the door. I’d already decided if it was Carlos he could go fuck himself, but it was a young woman with two small children. Carrie pulled them inside without hesitation.“Thank you,. My orgasm builds as he picks up speed again. He reaches down between us and finds my clit he pinches it hard and rubs it quickly between his thumb and pointer finger. His mouth, his fingers, and his cock all the pleasure I can’t hold back I let out a long whining moan that rings out his name full of passion feeling my orgasm explode hard around him. I can feel my pussy clench his cock hard as I orgasm I whimper. The pressure is so intense I lose myself in it all. It must have the same affect on. She must be having quite an erotic dream, considering the way her sensitive parts were all switched on. There was no stopping now. I took my cock in my hand and kneeled behind her, running the cock head she seemed to appreciate so much along the drenched slit, focussing on the clit. She was dripping and I easily slid the head inside my lady, feeling her pussy welcome me with a reaction that pulled me inside, leaving me no choice. I was all the way inside her feminine volcano. Hot and wet love.

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