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She didn’t mind it. I told her mom plz wear saree till tomorrow. She said ok for it.She was in nighty and she went change into saree. I followed her...but she didn’t let me inside the room. I told her you to have to kiss me whenever I want.Mom: its hard to wear a saree while kissing you.Me: then you wear just blouse and petticoat and warp a towel if you want like nagma in the movie we watched.( guy watch it on youtube)Mom: what if somebody come to our house.Me: don’t worry about that I will take. ”“Let’s go home and show you how we do this. It is one of the surprises I had for both of you.” Lynn smiled.“Baby, what have you done?” Erin looked at her wife.“I made a pre-emptive strike on Paul’s fears. Erin, go ahead and sit in front.”“Huh?” Erin cocked her head.“Go ahead and sit in front. Lover, drive home please.” Lynn gently commanded us.Erin got in the front passenger seat and looked at me and I at her. I started the car and drove home. Erin had her hand on my leg the entire way and. "Are you alright Bella," he asks in a subdued voice.Bellatrix tries to straighten up, be finds she lacks the strength, "I'm fine master. Thank you for both your concern and your efforts on my behind."Harry shakes his hand, "What would you like me to do?" If you would please master, move me over to one of the tables and send my sister in, she's well versed in dealing with this."The young wizard is almost relieved when Bellatrix is safely in Narcissa's hands. He then retreats to the study and. Laying in the hospital, she reflected on the irony. Of all the thingsshe had been afraid of going out the door, passing so well as to be atarget had not been one of them.....By the time she was able to get away, she had been savaged, both insideand out.The man had been taken into custody, but even the police treated herlike a freak once they realized she wasnt a full girl. No one seemed tothink she was worth punishing the man for.Worse, her own parents blamed her for the attack, saying if she.

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