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He dumped me too. ‘I was just nineteen. I enjoyed the sex, but both times I was used and heart-broken. I think that was when my best friend started...taking me out on Saturday nights. She talked and I listened. She talked about boys and that they were after one thing and so was she. Have fun, have sex, always use a condom, and just enjoy your real friends — girl friends. I realised I agreed with her. Boys used girls, why shouldn’t girls use boys. So that’s been my life until…’ ‘Until you met. “ Not slowing down thrusting so hard I cum again almost immediately. “Now it’s my turn.” As he flips me over. What does he mean his turn? He pulls me back so that my knees are the edge of the bed and pulls my ass up high, his hand on my shoulder pushing me down. “This is face down ass up, remember it.” As he locks his hands onto my hips and starts driving his cock into me. I am pretty certain this is one I can remember, it feels amazing. I feel one hand slide across my bottom, massaging it,. “That’s probably why mum asked you all those questions.”“I guess.”“Apparently she told dad that if she did cuckold him it would be under her terms and once they started he wouldn’t be able to stop it.”“And he was okay with that?”Anthea nodded. “I see a lot of similarity in you and dad. I think that you both like to be dominated by the women in your lives.”Jack did not respond.“He... he asked me if I spanked you?”“Spanked me?”She nodded. “He wondered if I spanked you in front of Ben.”“What did. .. busy ... as well.When Bob's hand slid up her side and his thumb brushed the side of her breast, she actually rolled into the thumb, and his hand was filled with her softness. They spoke no words, but communication was frantic as her own hand went to find out what the state of his penis was. She found it as rigid and hard as an iron bar, and squeezed it with appreciation. Eventually his hand found its way under her shirt, and then he pushed up her bra to finally fondle her hot, soft breast.

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