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So I meandered back to my blanket, unbuttoning my shirt as I did and pulled it off. I hung it on a branch sticking out from one of the fallen trees. I...took my cap off, hanging it on the branch as well and pulled the elastic out of my hair allowing my long, dirty blonde hair to fall down my back. I pulled off the tank top and hung it up too, leaving me in my underwear and hiking shorts. I sat down on the blanket and grabbed some sunscreen from my pack. I stopped for a moment and listened for a. ”McElligott smiled at two boys, not too far distant who had stopped their hovercycles and stared at the Nul in awe. “I guess I am not the only one still in disbelieve to see a Nul in Marine Blue.”“I am one of the first, but by judging the 50 Million applications made just today, I wager this won’t be a novel site for very long.”“No, it won’t indeed. I am pleased how fast and smooth it all proceeds.”“We were enemies, but we Nul never hated and always respected the Union. Thanks to Prince Xon and. When he’d returned to her, Whitaker was in bad shape. Her skin had gone ghost white, and she was sweating profusely, lying in a pool of her own blood. She had only briefly opened her eyes when he’d gotten to her, and started basic first aid while they waited for the paramedics.She was clearly in shock and strangely smiled up at him, although her smile quickly morphed into a mask of pain before she passed out completely in his arms. As he sat with her, holding a makeshift bandage over the hole. “You were looking at my tit.”“You were awake huh.”“Yup.”(Insert awkward stunned look here.)Shaking her head, “honestly I didn’t care. I was still drunk and am not shy even when I am sober.”I just stared at her.“Look don’t worry. I’m fine with it. Really. I’m actually flattered,” she pulled down on her shirt exposing a bit of bra and grinned. “Its been a long time since someone actually took time to admire my body. What I can’t figure out is why it feels like I was fucked by the football.

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