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Mmm Mmm.....a delicious choice my dear Mandy. Jake obviouslyagreed because I could tell his prick was once again rock hard inside ofits lace and silk ...ncasement.I laughed teasingly at him. "I thought we didn't like cross-dressingsweetie, hmmm? How's it feel to be wearing your girlfriend's clothesagain? I could tell since last Halloween party that you were more thanjust playing at being a woman. You should just admit to yourself now thatyou're a little sissy." He just looked at me. "I said,. But he also seems to like the lesbian angle, such as two women dominating a man. I have never been with a woman, so I am not sure how comfortable I'd be with that. Also, if we get to the pegging stage, how the hell will a dildo ever fit inside his ass?" One thing at a time, Marilyn. Why don't we have some cigars while we work this out?" Thanks Alexis, I really am in the mood for a good smoke."I took two cigars from the humidor and we quickly got them going. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. "I showered then dropped into my own comfortable bed. I didn't bother to get dressed. I just lie there on top of my covers still naked and damp. I dreamt that Lynn was sucking my cock. I woke a little while later with a still soft pecker only to find a light blanket covering my nakedness. What's up with that?I had fully expected my mother to come home from work, see me on the bed and wake me with a much needed motherly blow job. I rose from the bed, threw on a pair of sweats to cover my naked. She drank it in, screaming out her passion at the top of her lungs.“Mommy! Oh, Mommy! Yes! I love it! I love you!”“I love you, too, angel,” I groaned, the pleasure rushing through my veins. “Mmm, yes, Mommy loves her sweet angel.”“And my pussy?” Pattie asked, such a huge, naughty grin on her face as she slumped forward, her orgasm petering out.“Yes. Mommy loves her sweet angel’s heavenly pussy!”Then Pattie kissed me. Hard. I savored my daughter’s tongue thrusting into my mouth. I groaned into.

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