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My first meet since joining the net, was with a man who was of quite a large frame. But cock sizewas less than 2 inches fully erect. I stripped off, b...t he only opened his fly. I took his cock inmy mouth, and within seconds he shot his cum into my mouth. At that time I did not swallow, nowI take all that is offered.My next meet was with a man who was a medical consultant. He was to meet me at my place, with medressed fem. I was fully dressed when he arrived. We wasted no time on chit chat,. " Are you sure you want me here when he wakes up ... I'm fairly frightening."Jo got that conniving look she gets just before she drops the 4th Ace."I'll make you a bet." What?" I'll bet you the carpets he knows precisely who you are the second he sees you. I win, we keep 'em. You win they go with you. Bet?" Bet!" You're so easy," laughed Jo.The Cheese slept on. Jo was getting anxious."I know." She went out, got a gourd of water and a big clay pot. She put the pot next to the Cheeses ear and. She lifted her butt as I stripped off her panties and bent over and kissed her vagina. I stood back up, pushed my boxers down, and kicked them off. Mom kicked the covers down to the bottom of the bed. I got up on the bed, knelt next to her, and took a minute to admire the woman I was about to make love to. “You have changed so much. You are so beautiful and sexy. How could men have missed what you are?”“You and Bill changed me, Honey. I am not the same woman I was. I would never consider doing. We were watching through the hidden store cameras as the merchandise was bagged and the slave called Kandi left the store. The RFID tags matched what we saw on the monitor. Kandi was naked except for a slave choker; there was no way that any messages were passed. We heard and saw everything." They could have passed a coded signal and you wouldn't have seen it," the Man said. "Tell me about the woman and the boy." The boy cried when we stripped him naked and taped him to the chair. The woman.

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Thrissur aunty

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Desi babe

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Aman Khan

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