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One might think that they'd get tired of all this horseplay," Gabrielle said."My experience tells me that the Japs are playing a game, for now. They a...e probing for any weaknesses the Chinese may have. Mind you, Madam President, that both are potential enemies of ours. Neither nation likes us very much. And I feel they are testing you personally. You're new to all of this and they are just as puzzled about a woman sitting in the office of the most powerful nation in the world. They can't. I liked it when you played with my belly ring. You gripped my panties between your teeth and pulled back so hard, they ripped right off of me. This really did surprise me but also made me want you more. Slowly, you moved your face to my dripping wet pussy. You slid your tongue in between my lips, searching for my clit. My legs tensed up, once you had hit it. I felt you smile as you watched me squirm around, trying not to squish your head in between my legs. My eyes were rolling back, my back. I was hoping she would meet somebody or at least get laid. I do not know the last time mom got some cock. Mom went out and I figured she would be gone all night. About midnight I woke to some drunk people coming into the house, they were trying to be quite. But you know how loud quite drunk people can be. I could tell mom voice and then I could tell a man's voice, two men. I figured mom and one of the girls had some men and would be fucking soon enough. I was going to let them get started then. Go to it, girl! Give that pretty snatch a real work-out. Get it nice and hot for your first fuck."The guy who wanted to see me waddling-pregnant said, "Shit! Looks like she's turning into a real wildcat just from the taste of it. Once she gets a dick in her puss, she's gonna be hooked on it!" You getting your pussy ready for me, girl?" Skeeter asked. "You change your mind about saving that cherry? Hah! When I'm done fucking you, that won't be the only thing to change. This dick's gonna turn you.

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Wife 4

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