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"Britney Spears, meet Cole and Brian, two of my most loyal servants." The man stepped back and sat down in a chair across the room. There was now between the singer and the two leering boys. "These boys made a deal similar to yours, except they were a little less ambitious; they have served me for months now, and in return, they requested…you." Britney was watching the boys intently, her arms still behind her back, pushing her considerable chest out towards them. She turned to look at. We took my car and went to the beach.I parked my car and looked around to confirm that no one was there. We entered the beach, walked for a while and enjoyed the cool climate. The monster inside me asked me to fuck her. I want to use the situation but I feared. Because if anyone comes or anything goes wrong it will be dangerous.I dared and grabbed her from behind. My dick touched her ass. She understood my intention and remained silent. It was a green signal. I started kissing on her neck,. When I get near to it, I noticed it was similar to mine, with the exception; mine has dainty curtains, and flowerpots. He opened the door, pulled me inside into his arms, and kicked the door closed. We kissed deeply as his fingers roamed my curves. Afterwards he led me toward his bedroom. We were barely inside the bedroom door when I returned his kiss. Our tongues did the dance of lovers, as I ran my hand down his back, and he trembled. My mind raced, and exclaimed, "Baby, where have you been. His heel caught on a broken slat and he fell backward, breaking through the railing of the porch and hitting his head on a rock in the ground.When he managed to swim up to consciousness, past the killer headache that made opening his eyes a painful effort, all he could see were two withered ankles over house slippers that even his grandmother would have thought outdated. Great, he thought, caught by the widow.It wasn't until he tried to lift his head and found he coudn't look up that Chuck.

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Indian 16

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Indian sex videos – 42

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