Both sets of hands start moving up my legs in unison, slowly and gently, I'm holding my breath as I think the slightest noise and the hands will stop....I turn my head to the side where I can feel someone stood next to me and I smile at whoever is there. I'm moved into the centre of the bed and turned onto my back, I moan in frustration as I was enjoying the feeling of 2 pairs of hands on my legs and arse and I'm even more disappointed when no-one puts a hand on me.I hear whispering and try to. It has been a long time since she admired any man, no one since Kyle Reese really; and now this young man who is barely shaving has sparked her interest. She sees his tousled hair, the way his shirt is hiding his body that is tight and toned in all the right places. She feels a blush coloring her cheeks, and an urgent need to fan her face.“I need to check on John, you guard him tonight and I’ll be back by morning.” Sarah said, as she rushed out of the house she can feel her cheeks grow warm and. . but now that I see you in that towel... I think I might have to take it off."I moved forward; I untied the robe neatly and it fell open just as I snuggled up against Stephanie's wet body. She was flabbergasted for a second as I put my arms around her; then I pressed my mouth against hers and let my tongue seethe its way into her. She let go of the towel as she kissed me back; her warm, wet tongue sank into my mouth and tickled my lips sensuously. I tugged at the towel and it came off; she. But, to her credit, she did exactly the right thing. Clutch in and brake softly. “Recovered nicely, little girl!”“Your little girl, and don’t you forget it.”“Oh, I won’t, Pixie. I won’t. Take me home, little lady!” She didn’t want to back it into the garage quite yet, so I did that. We’d come back out and cover it later after it cooled.We did nothing but have fun and shoot, and make love, mow grass, goof off and shoot. Did I mention shooting? She loved doing it, and was quite good at it. We.

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