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She felt my dicking growing inside her mouth, she took my dick outside and said cum on my face.After hearing it, I couldn’t hold any longer and rele...sed all my cum on her face. She then licked my dick again and cleaned every bit of cum off my dick. She said it tasted good and I could see the satisfaction on her face. I then kept my hand on her boobs and said I’m hungry.She got up, hugged me and we started lip locking. We kept kissing for a while and our tongue started fighting, she was a very. When I made the check ofwho would be staying I realized that Sandy and her mom Leera would be staying as well. For somestrange reason my wife wanted to let Leera and Sandy spend the night in the pool house while the reststay in the house. I was ok with it and so everything went well. Now with the mixture of alcoholand feeling a bit horny I noticed that I was thinking of Sandy a lot, especially here naked bodyand pretty face. So all is set and everyone went to their rooms and retired for the. Wo meggy banati rahi.Thodi der baad meggy ban gai.Urvashi-lo..Meggy to ban gai..Ab kya karoge?Raj-meri meggy to tum ho..Tum ko banaunga…Wo hansne lgi.Maine uske dono boob ko pakad liya.Urvashi-yahan se chalo na…..Maine urvashi ko god mei uthakr bed room mein le aya.Maine uski tshert ek jhatke mein utar di.Fir skert utar kr nangi kr diya.Urvashi ko ekdum nangi dekh kr maza aa gya.Uske bade gol aur tikhe boob mere samne the.Usne meri tshert utar kr pent bhi utar di.Underwear khola to lund ekdum. Victoria nodded. "Just the pick-me-up we need." She raised her glass. "Here's to us, my precious husband." To us, my darling wife."They both took a sip. "Yum!" they said together.Victoria chuckled. "I think it's catching. Dickie and Wendy were doing it too. Hey, do those French windows lead anywhere?"Mark went and looked. "Yes," he said. "There are steps down to the garden. Shall we take our drinks there?"There was a beech tree with a bench seat round the trunk and they sat there."When are we.

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Best Friends/ indian porn

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Hot Nagpur Couples

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