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He threw back his head and laughed, causing a few people to look at us, then he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Well you could do that if you...want to look all frumpy, or we could just dance differently" he said, "Do you want to look frumpy... not that I ever think you could" he added. I blushed at his compliment, "No" I managed to whisper back. "Good" he said, "Then we'll just dance differently," and with that he let go of my hand and slid it around my waist and drew me close to him.. "I snatched the canister off the mini fridge. "You better hope I come back alive, or else my spirit will pester you to death."With a smug look on his dumb, handsome face, my husband declared, "Silver lining: we would be together forever."I slammed the door shut.Once I found the vending nook on my floor, I wasn't alone for long."My wish came true," Quigley said as he entered the alcove behind me, carrying his bucket. "I heard your door creak open. And it was you."I poured the water into the. Finally I made my choice, her name was Mindi, and she seemed the most outgoing of the group. We e-mailed several more times till I was sure that she would provide the service that I so desperately wanted. We talked on the phone several times while I tried to get the nerve to actually meet with her, she told me that she was at the airport hotel and would be leaving soon, feeling the pressure I finally made my mind up and we set a date for our meeting. It was two days away and I was a total wreck. DAMN! I wanted to cry.What do I do? leave and come back another day? No. Or should I go into the theater, watch the movie and cross my fingers maybe? Um, okay, and off I went. So there I sat there in that large room, all by myself, in the dark. Yeah no, that felt weird so I headed for the booths.My luck started to change for the better because a minute or so after I picked a room on the left and sat down, a kindly gentleman poked his head in and asked he could watch the movie with me. I nodded.

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