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It was Friday and the girls had the day planned in San Francisco. We drove there and saw about everything there was to see and spent all day and well ...nto the evening there. Getting back to their place, Nina announced she was beat and crashed on the bed leaving Jen and I to ourselves. We sat on the sofa and Jen immediately said “so let's hear about Allie”. I replied “first, I want to hear about your encounters”. Her smile faded as she began “my first love here was crying my self to sleep after. If Sarah liked REAL girls, I guess I was destined to be onetomorrow. * * * * *Monday.As I opened my eyes, I was immediately aware that something else wasdifferent. The room. It was decorated and painted completely differentlyfrom the day before. This was a girl's room for sure. I rolled myself overto look at the changes on the other side, and while I noted that the wholeroom was, indeed, different, I was more stunned by the other big change.Sarah was sleeping next to me.. I pulled the pillowfrom under my head and shoved it under my lower back,beneath the towel. I used my right hand to hold thedildo in my ass. I pushed off the bed with my left andthrew my legs over my head. I let the bottom of my feetrest against the wall above the bed. I let the weight ofmy legs pull my cock toward my mouth.I started to jam the latex cock in and out of my ass.I jerked my cock, hard, with my left hand.I opened my mouth.Most of the cum ended up on my face, in my hair or on mychest. She was about 5’4” with long, golden blonde hair in a pleated braid that formed a crown at the front of her hair. Her face was round, with full cheeks and expressive blue eyes and soft, small pouty lips. She had been a fairly thin girl, with a fine, round ass and enough boobs to be proud of. This girl standing before me, however was completely different. Oh sure, the face was the same, but all other dimensions had changed.She’d lopped off her long locks in favor of a short, sexy bob cut, with.

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Couple Getting Banged.

Couple Getting Banged.

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Very sexy chubby

Very sexy chubby

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