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He used to take me to my bed. After few days, mom was also free with him and they went along for shopping and all. The devar bhabhi relation was now i... place. There was a marrige in our family a few days ahead. It was the first marrige my mom was going to attend as the daughter in law of that family (close family members marrrige). She was also one of the host in the wedding. My dad told her that she should look like a heavely creature in the marriage. Now mom was a bit nervous. She was a bit. I told her that I would make it through the day.Claudette took me back into my bedroom and we stripped naked. She then got on top and rode my erection to climax. She told me that she loved it whenever Dad or I would cum in her. She said that cum was never to be wasted and that sometimes she craved the taste of cum. To prove it she slipped up off my cock and tightened her muscles to expel a gob of my cum out of her pussy and onto my belly. She then slurped it up with her tongue until it was all. Like she'd say all kinds of nasty dirty " ok baby walk to the other side of the room, then turn around and and swinging that dick hard, side to side, up and down, I LOVE IT! Hunch your hips forward, start playing with it and start slow walking toward me,make it HARD! " I loved watching the look the pure lust on her face as she watched me stepping closer to her air fucking,stroking my dick &flopping it around for her and talking dirty myself, nothing specific, stuff like " yeah baby,. Suenee spoke to the Monk again and then turned to us.“No, he has eaten for today, but he thanks you for the offer. Some cool water would be nice, or perhaps some fruit juice, as it was a long trip,” she informed us.“Yes, certainly,” the Captain answered. “Come to the mess hall. I’m sure that we have several kinds of fruit juice in the refrigerator.” They all left for the mess hall, but Suenee stayed with me, and we returned to commo.“So, are you really a holy woman?” I asked, not knowing what.

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Lucknow Wife Parineeta

Lucknow Wife Parineeta

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