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He gave me a less than friendly kick in the shoulder to obtain my confirmation. I just nodded and was hauled by two guys into the back of a squad car....Nobody really cared about my head banging on the doorframe. Yes, I immediately knew that I was in good hands. Somehow I had the feeling that participating handcuffed in a heavyweight boxing fight would have been a gentler experience. Hell, even a car accident might have been more comfortable than the rough treatment I was receiving.On the way to. When she had a good hold of them, I lifted myself up slightly to help her remove them & she locked her young lips against mine - my second taste of a woman's tongue. Mmmmmm....Chrissie now had all her clothes off (as did little Suzie) &, by now, both girls were breathing deeply & rapidly & impatiently undressing me...The three of us were sitting together, naked - with me nervously in the middle. The kissing was so passionate & so intense. Sometimes all three of us kissing at once! The feeling. “You like gagging, don’t you? Our Sissy whore.” I nodded.The other guy wasn’t big, as I switched between the three cocks in front of me and sucked his small cock for a while; as the others stroked theirs.They all whispered something, I don’t know what; but I ended up lying on my back on top of their jackets on BBQ table.They started to strip me of my jacket and blouse, and began biting me.The three I was sucking off before returned to my head, and I continued to suck them off; in rotations of. My tits nearly flying out of my bra. Kyle closed his eyes and moaned loudly. He must have loved my pussy on his cock as he began to beg for more. "Yes Tessa. Ride my cock. You're so tight and so wet," he groaned. Jack stuck his cock into my mouth then went around to my back. Kyle sat up, and I altered my position so that Jack could stick his fat cock into my ass. I gasped as Jack squeezed a few drops of cool gel onto my tight asshole. He immediately shoved his cock in my ass, and I gasped and.

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Blow job

Blow job

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