I went to the kitchen and was about to shout to Carla would you like another coffee but she was right behind me. you got any thing abit stonger then c...ffee. i have some nice red wine over there pointing to my cubard. perfect she said and she went off to get it and i went for the glasses she come up beside me and poored the wine, we clicked glasses and both had a sip and our eye never let one another, dam she said i left my fags in your car i told her she could have one of mine and she lent. Then at this point he was getting really excited and flipped her so she was in doggy style very roughly and powerful. She pushed hard back onto his cock as he pounded right back at her at this point the moaning was radiating so loud from both of them as there wet bodys slapped hard against each other in a loud clapping sound. I was loving watching this. She then said hold me up and fuck me so he lifted her up and then started to pound her with her legs rapped around her while he stood up. Shekh pan baaget jaat hota me tyala thambavle. Shekh: kay zala?Me: aata nahi. Aadhi thodi baghun maja maru.Shekh: thik ahi.Mag amhidoghe var shekh chya room madhe gelo. Tithun baag disat aslyane mavshi pan disnar hoti. Aami khikit aalo. Me mzi burbin kadhali. Shekh kadi pan ek hoti. Me khidki cha padada sarkala khidi samor don khrcha takun baslo. Padadya tun haluch aamhi baghu laglo. Aamhi tila aata disu shakat navto. Ti baag saaf karnyache kaam karu lagli. Duparchi vel hoti ani unhala aslyane. Kimmie had to wear a uniform Monday through Thursday at St. Brendan Academic, but on Fridays the students were allowed to wear "regular clothes", and on weekends she had all the best mall-stalking outfits to keep up with the "Little Miss Sally St. John-Smitherington-Smythe" types down the street. Because I had made this fantasy possible, she adored me from the very beginning, and although Denise and I first instructed her to call me by my first name, Alex, she soon took to calling me "Daddy"..

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Uperexyunny leone

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