”I lathered up and began spreading suds on his neck and shoulders. I washed them thoroughly, massaging the muscles as I went. His muscles were first -- from work or sexual excitement, I couldn’t be sure -- but I felt him relax in my hands.I worked my way down his back. When I was done with the lower part I squatted. “Lift your foot.”He shifted his weight to his left foot and lifted the right an inch or two. I lathered up again and washed it, working the soap between the toes and. Sharab ke karn hum dono ka sir dard de raha tha, or chudayi ke karn Misty ki gand bhi dukh rahi thi. Phir hum uthe or nahane gaye. Wha pehle Misty gayi, or apne kapde dhone lagi kyuki uspe pura daaru gira hua tha. Wo naha rahi thi ki tabhi main bhi bathroom me chla gaya. Or usko nude hi kiss karne laga. Hum dono shower ke niche the aur kiss kar rahe the. Phir hum wha phir se chudai kiye. Ab maine usko wash basin ke sahare jhukaya or hum mirror pe saaf dikha rahe the. Mera mirror full size ka. I had more important things to worry about, like why the hell Jay wasjust letting us sit down here. None of the scenarios that I had runthrough my head in regards to my capture had ever involved just leaving mein a cage like this with no interaction. I was actually grateful when I finally heard someone walking aroundupstairs. At least I knew Jay hadn't just left us here to starve to death.Though, his real intent was yet to be seen. Another two hours went by and I was tempted to start. Wait. He asked you to sleep with him? Is that why you were… I gesture back to the entrance. Yeah. Demetrius said. I stood and my space, staring at Demetrius back. Well…I met him at the tent and he shared some wine with me. It started out innocently enough, he just wanted to congratulate me for some successful training, Demetrius started and then stopped as he sat down on his bed. I did the same and looked over at him. Well, we went through the bottle of wine rather quickly… and one bottle led.

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How i am on cam ?

How i am on cam ?

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Swapna bhabhi

Swapna bhabhi

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