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. one of them slid a condom on n got up getting into doggy say fuck me birthday boy she didnt have to tell me twise i slide in tha that tight wett pus...y ommmmg fuck it felt soo good and slaming my cock hard in her what turned me on was one of them layed in front of her n the skinny blond i was banging started eatting her pussy while the others were watch us n rubbing there pussies after a bit of me fucking hard the one said when u cum cumm on my ass hearing that it didnt take long i blew a huge. “Yes, I do,” she said just loud enough for us all to hear.My mother started back up, “Claire, calm down. I believe you, but I need you both to be thinking clearly these next few days ... about dancing, nothing else! You may become stars whether you win this competition or not, if David Letterman has his way. He may even ask you to go on his show. I believe it broadcasts from Manhattan. I had better go and talk to Jimmy about this.”“Go ahead and go out, STAY TOGETHER! Don’t give any interviews,. I ran my hands across her thighs, stomach and breasts. I watched her face and saw it contort. I imagined orgasm was around the corner. I moved harder against her, fucking Tara with a ferocity bordering on cruelty. She responded with even more lusty sounds. Suddenly her hands burst up and pulled me on top of her. Fuck, Im coming, Paul. Shit! Go, go go go go. Hard! Fuck me. I pounded her, the bed frame squeaking conspicuously as my full weight crashed down over and over. Tara let out a long. When I made a long arm and caught up my purse shegasped, drew back, looking at me with the face of anawakened sleeper. But I just smiled at her, holding herclose with one hand. The other fished in my purse, andwhen I felt the slim round shape I twisted the base. Thebuzzing hum that filled the air brought the ears ofevery predator in the house turning to us like radar.The lion paced up to his glass window and looked over atus.I lifted the vibrator from the purse. Kim half-laughed,half gasped..

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