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"Anything, old woman. I must have this young maiden as my squaw. Her beauty will gain me respect among the other warriors!" The ancient one frowned, "...nd when her beauty is gone?"He flashed her a handsome smile, one that she neither could see, nor beheld the wickedness that was in her heart. "She will go out of my teepee." He said, jerking his thumb over his bronze shoulder.The old one gave a disgusted snort, passing the prepared bowl unceremoniously, to the young warrior. "Drink this, only the. She touched my hand and pulled me towards her. I sensed she needed a hug and I hugged her. “It’ll be okay Tiffany. There are plenty of smart, mature boys at this school… somewhere.” Her head was on my shoulder, with her arms wrapped around my neck. She smelled wonderful and I shamefully began to harden. Her mouth was close to my ear and she whispered, “Possibly. They are hard to find, you, however, are right next to me. I wish Brad was more like you.” Then she pressed. ..!!!" She laughed at his expression and pulled her finger back out with a loud pop! "Goodness.. I didn't realize you were such a pervert.." " I... I'm not !! " "yet you almost came from a cavity search.." She smacked his ass and balls and came back with a black bag. "What's inside that??" " Your next punishment, little Poki. " "don't call me that!! I'm 23!!" " Yet your butthole puckers to be the size of a dime.. " she lifted him by his tail and started sucking and licking his balls and. My boyfriend can always tell when I have eaten any of them. He says his dick burns after sex.” Marcus waggled his eyebrows.“TMI, Marcus. TMI.”“Sorry. What do you and Lynn want to drink?”“Stop right there!” Erin shouted from the other side of the bar. “I got this.”“I guess the OTHER bar queen is serving you tonight.” Marcus smiled and swatted Erin on the ass.Erin came over to our end of the bar and walked out to give Lynn and me a hug and kiss. Mark asked where his was and Erin stuck out her ass.

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