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Grabbing her by the hips, Mason spread her legs a little more apart and rubbed his cock against her pussy, and then he slapped her pussy hard. his cock at the entrance to her opening he growled, “Take this, my fuck bitch”The force of his entrance pushed her forward until her chest was flat on the bed, her arms out in front of her. Holding her tight, Mason began to pound her pussy, giving her no mercy. Taking her to the edge, he pulled out and sat down on the bed, “Ride me.”Jordan. .i shock wht he do..he put me in bed and remove my shirt and kissisng my boobs…i pretend him but he is very strong…he put my skirt up and remove my panty…and kissing at my vagina…now i start feeling hot…he then removes all his cloth and come over me and start licking me…he kiss and fondled my boobs ….at my thighs ..i feel very hot..he then turn me and start licking my ass.and ask beta kabhi chudwaya hai…i say no…then he laughs and put his cock in my hand it is very big and dark..he call me to. " Mmmmm, I love to hear that! He pulled me out of the pillows by my hair and kissed me hard before fucking me so hard again. His hand snaked round to my pussy and smacked it as he fucked it making me moan. I could feel his orgasm building with the speed and ferocity of his fucking. And he came, hard and loudly pushing me hard down onto the bed with the force. Condoms are a necessary evil sometimes and I wish I had felt his cum tricking out of my cunt.Spent for the time being, we got our breath. And his long fat cock was an added bonus. There was nothing so sweet as getting fucked to orgasm while making money.As the two of them lay cuddled on the couch, recovering their breath, Brenda thought back to when she had come up with the idea of her babysitting service. It was hard to believe that only two months had passed since she began, almost by accident. The business had grown quickly, and what with the money she earned on her own, and her percentage from the other girls she had.

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