. Bobby Layton... do you know Bobby? He's... well, he's asked me to marry him as soon as graduation is over." And have you accepted?"It was beginning ...o become difficult for Angela to concentrate. Phillipe had already surreptitiously moved a bit closer and the aphrodisiac was becoming overpowering."I... yes. We... haven't set a date yet, but probably sometime in June." I bet you're looking forward to that." Hmmmmm," she agreed."I'm sure Bobby is. After all what guy wouldn't want to hold you,". When he zoomed out again, he saw one more point of light circled in red. Curiously, this point also had a blue ring around it."That has to be David," he thought to himself.It was no surprise that he found himself looking at David when he zoomed in close. This time he was able to wander round the cave that David had made his home. He found the passageway that led to David's supply of iron ore - guessing that was why this point had both blue and red circles around it. He also found David's. "You'd better have another highlight then" she said softly, "When we come back from turning me into a kinky bitch"People looked at her in the pub, but she loved it, she knew full well that her erect nipples could be seen as could her g-string and she giggled throatily when I told her that most of them would like her in their bed."What was the name of that girl with all the brothers?" she asked and answered her own question immediately, "Lucia, that's it, I wouldn't mind a little session with. How could I?In fact, I disgusted her. I am sure there were many memories in her mindof our love and friendship before this all started, but now they weretainted. Even so, I felt sure that there was a part of her trying tobreak out and hug me and cry on me, perhaps as only a friend, yet acomforting one.Warily, she got off my sister, and almost waddled over to me. I almostfelt a moment of sympathy, realizing that the four of them had suckedand fucked and came and orgasmed so often for so long,.

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