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)A Taxi RideBy Eric and FriendI checked my appearance. Shit! I really look disheveled! The long flight from California hadn't done my make-up or hair ...ny good at all! I fixed myself up and when I left the airport restroom I noticed with pride that almost all the men stared appreciatively at me. It sure puts the spring back into a girl's step. I called the Plaza and I felt my face go into a pout."What do you mean you can't send the hotel Limo for at least an hour?" Sorry, Miss Austin, but one is. He just didn't like how the committee made his group members to a hand out or PowerPoint and he had to redo a site from scratch. There was just no way he could do the site in a week, so had no choice but to take an incomplete and work thru the summer for it.He got all his programming done, and commented all the coding so he knew what each line or each segment would do. Re-did his PowerPoint to fit the new features of the website, and highlighted what he thought would be extra help. His problem. Loganmier, the defendant, is a wealthy, 60 year old industrialist who was caught entertaining big-cocked Latino and African American studs during his frequent business trips; Luci’s crack investigator, Marlene Lopez, has dozens of shots of Mr. L taking those cocks in his ass and mouth. Though there is a “pre-nup”, Loganmier wants no part of any press coverage of his exploits and agreed to a multi-million dollar settlement to keep it quiet. The cuckolded spouse, Candi, a gold-digging, 28 yr old. You haven't actually said anything derogatory about the Egg but you have intimated that he was unable to understand something that was perfectly clear to one of his team. Excellent!"Kathy and Co. came in for Sunday lunch again and were in fine fettle. Wayne had been promoted supervisor of the shelf stackers at his supermarket with a substantial pay rise. Not only that but Kylie had been moved from check-outs to Customer Service. Her manager had been quick to notice that, after her photograph.

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