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. His head slipped in! Oh ya, it hurt! He told me to relax, he'd be gentle, he was all lubed up with vaseline and to just let him in. Between the beer... and his tongue I suppose that was the trick, before long he was all the way in, ten and three quarter inches in, thick as a tennis ball in! And then his deep voice in my ear, "How’s that feel Bitch?" Eight minutes later, he's pounding me like a real bitch and I'm feeling like a Black cock ho and loving every minute of it!My first waking thought. . mai sirf underwear pehn ke soya tha… us din ki baat orus ke boob kiKalpanase hi mera lund tight bekabu ho gaya..thodi der baad mauseee bedroom mai aaior mere laude ko dekh rahi thi ab wo mre bagal me baithi or mere mere luade par hath rakha … mera lauda aur thight ho gaya.. mai waise hi sone ka natak kar rahatha.. o mere lund pe uske mulayam hath ghuma rahi thi..phir mai thoda hila to o waha uha ke chali gayi.. maine kuch nahi kahaMaine soch aram se kaam lenge..thodi der bad mai jaga or. She frowned as she recalled this morning's events. Her sister had called her as she was having her breakfast muesli and told her that her husband, Harry, was going to be arriving home in time for Christmas. She needed to pick him up from the airport later today and needed someone to look after the twins while she was gone.That the two sixteen year old boys would need a babysitter came as a bit of a surprise to Carrie, but Margaret had practically begged her to keep an eye on Tom and Dick until. Fourteen months later, they’d announced their engagement. Dana had been overjoyed for her friend, even if she also felt a bit envious.Dana found herself deliberating whether she should tell Karen about what happened this morning and get her advice. It wasn’t that she considered the brunette any smarter than herself, in fact the opposite was usually true, it was just that it might help having a view from an outside perspective. She didn’t get the chance, however, because Mrs. Goldman finally.

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