In to the car and off we went, not even having time to look in the mirror. At the supermarket car park I took one quick glance at myself in the mirror... I was some state, hair bedraggled like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards, face red with sweet and I big purple bruise on my neck.No time to sort thing out as I sent Tom for a pizza while I looked for condoms and picked a box of 12 thin extra sensitive one up as she shop announced it was closing.I was now at the till holding my shirt. “Our mom needs some cock for a gang bang,” they mentioned.“Mom, we brought you some more cock for your gang bang.”“Thank you, Brenda and Lilly, you are such thoughtful daughters,” Karen smiled, unzipping two zippers.“We’ll give Daddy a break and suck them to get hard for you,” Brenda mentioned.“Don’t get too anxious and give them a blow job,” Karen joked.“If we do, we’ll find you another cock,” Lilly replied, pulling down a zipper in front of her.Karen resumed her favourite position, on her. Damned I thought, do I have to do everything just myself. While still downloading from the goldmine site I was praying for Win98 not doing one of these horrible crashdowns and at the same time looking for a toy giving me some pleasure.Though my bladder was requesting attention I decided not to go to the toilet for the rest of today but making the office chair and its neighborhood waterproof instead. So I went for the well-approved plastic cover and a whole lot of already used towels from my. It’s a mess, and I am gonna make it messier.And it happened!“Hhhhmmmmm…..AAaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh………. Nandhiniiiii Missssssssssssss….. AAAaaaaaaahhhhhh….!!”! I cried loud and called her name out, as I shot my first cumshot.My cock’s head bulged in her stroking hand and through my tiny pee-hole my cumshots squeezed into the air and landed right on her nose. It was thick, slick and hot. Nandhini teacher pumped faster and harder. “Yes Shyam. Like that… Shoot your cum…. Shoot your cum on to my face. Yes….

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