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For her husband, though, who was a deacon in her parents’ church and had been 50 years old at the time of their wedding, Ruthie had nothing but hatr...d and contempt. One day after her eighteenth birthday, as soon as it was legally possible and at the insistence of her parents, she had married him. Her sanctimonious bridegroom broke her maidenhead a week later, having waited for her most fertile time. Every month after that he made another attempt to impregnate her, always on the night he was. The sky was definite darker by the time she reached Mr. Niger's garden and to her relief he was there. He greeted her at the same time she said her 'Hello'. She giggled as the two greetings clashed. She just wanted to talk and he wanted to get her inside and fuck her. How was the question? It was then that the first rain drops fell. "Oh! Dear", she said. "I didn't bring a coat and I'll get soaked, my husband won't come and pick me up, he has no idea of where I am". She gave a shudder and the. "Give it to me, lover." she whispered. "You want me, you want to fuckme, you want to fill me with your cum and I want it all. Fuck me ashard as you can."I had no more doubts. I was the man in this relationship and Tina wasthe woman. And the man fucks his woman and she pleases him every wayshe can. I was pounding her pussy as hard and as fast I could. Everythrust was deep. She locked her ankles behind my neck to give me thebest access to her tight twat. This was pure animal fucking. It. The group called "dominant women work wonders" was obviously popular.Then she experimented so that anyone could view her camera without askingfirst, up to the maximum number of people allowed by the site and decidedthat this latter option was better. It meant that she could just switchit on and then not have to bother with the keyboard or mouse at all,leaving her free to give instructions to Tina and keeping her hands freetoo. People were fast making comments on her legs which could be seen.

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My desi slut at 2 Am

My desi slut at 2 Am

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Kanika hot

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