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He was fully dressed and sitting on the side of the bed looking at her. She didn’t even know how many boys had fucked her, just that she was still n...de and lying on the bed. Her pussy lips were red and swollen from the abuse, and she was extremely sore down there.“Why did you do this to me?” Cheryl sobbingly asked.“Because you’re hot and sexy, and the fact that you were innocent and naïve enough to go to a college frat party with me,” Garry said.“Just please let me get dressed and take me. From the driver's seat of your Honda Pantheus it's a blur of neon glows and the strobe of office windows seen between concrete traffic pylons. In your wake it's all a river of light and the sense of euphoria you feel as you step on the accelerator can only be matched by the ravenous curiosity about your late night rendezvous.The courier was waiting for you at the office. Nondescript, black suit, the kind of pro that would never be seen making deliveries anywhere outside the glass towers of. My mom gave us a strange look before busying herself cleaning the house. I would like to describe my mom now. Her name is Deborah; she had me when she was 17. She raised me herself for the most part because my father (who I never knew) left her before I was born. Mom has jet black hair which she wears short. She stands 5' 6", 105 pounds and has very large tits 36DD.24 waist and 34 hips. When she walks with me I can't help but stare at her ass. She has grey/green eyes that seem to melt the. This was just one such night. But instead of a hard energetic, pounding I just fancied a nice, long, slow shag with minimal effort. My man just lay there, fairly horny but lazy, too. I just couldn’t sit still. Playing gently and softly with his lovely big and floppy penis. I carried on playing for almost half an hour – half an hour past my bed time! Lovely and warm, cuddled up in bed, whispering and cuddling and kissing, a big, burning hot cock in my hand. But I just wanted more. Hoping to get.

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