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... a large girl like her being fucked from behind. having obviously just had her bottom spanked....... 'Is that how you like it?' I gasped....... 'Y...s but next time next time', she said... 'for Christ's sake don't stop now'..... 'I couldn't if I wanted to' I replied. 'Oh God..... I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming' she yelled 'I've beaten you to it' I told her; and I had and my cum was dripping down her thighs mingling with her own. I smelled her wax candle, and expected I was going to get a massage. After I flipped she rehooked the cuffs and gave me a doubleshot of whiskey. I wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but I wans't saying no to much of anything at this point. I felt soft leather around my legs and she bound me around the knees. This is new, I remember thinking. I felt her doing something up by my hands and then she took of the blindfold.She was on her knees in front of me, the leather strap looped up around the. He replied back, "Ok". So I went to Tiffany and told her about it. I said, "All he wants to do is eat you out, No strings attached". She stood there a second and asked. "Where is this guy"? I said only about 10 minutes away, he lives in an apartment complex and told me his apartment number. From the sounds of it, it's in a nice neighborhood. Then she asked, "Where are you going to be"? I said, "I want to watch". She said, "You want to watch a guy lick me"? I said, "Hell yeah, I want to see you. Skater boys are hot, though I have to admit I caughtmyself looking at a few of the girls too. Liz is cute, we've becomereally close. I've never felt this close to another girl before.Sometimes I feel... I feel almost like I'd like to kiss her and I'm surewe've been flirting. Weird.I snuck into Nate's room last night and borrowed some of his boxers andother clothes. They are much more comfortable than the stupid thongs andtight panties my drawers are stuffed with. They feel so loose and.

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