Julie meanwhile had been busy with broom and the place looked a whole lot neater.There was a corner of the room with a chest of drawers and it looked ...ike it needed a clean around there too, but she was unable to move it herself and needed Milly to help. The two girls grabbed a corner each and soon had the unit moved sufficiently to clean. There was a shock on their faces when they saw a magazine that had fallen down the back, and was now lying there in full view.Milly picked it up, sat on the. ? We went to the bed and she tied my arms up tothe bedposts and my legs to the bottom. I am face down on the bed. She stands back and looks at me I start to feel nervousagain.? ?I can?t believe you let me tieyou up now you?re our bitch for the day.?Yes I said our as in my bitch and Sophies bitch.?? I didn?t know who this Sophie was but Ididn?t care I wanted to get out of there.??Julie starts to remove her business outfit; she has on a leather skirtand a leather corset that barley holds in her. "Guess I was wrong."Just then a slight movement in the trees beyond the house caught his attention. Jason quickly looked in that direction, but saw nothing."I'd swear something was in those weeds over there," said Jason. "It might be him... or it might be a animal or something. But, if we tip him off, he'll disappear again for sure." I have an idea," said Bubba. "I'm going to slide back toward the car. I'll slam the door like I'm getting in and then I'll ease around behind the trees over there.. " "If we can organise a credit union in this town I feel we would not only be helping the folk who live and work here but it would also benefit the local businesses and keep the money in the town, everyone would benefit by it."It was decided to call a public meeting to gauge the amount of interest towards setting up our own union, Ron was charged with the responsibility of producing a flyer explaining how a credit union worked and inviting the townsfolk to attend the meeting to discuss how we.

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