She kept talking the whole time. I could tell she was wondering if I was playing with her, but she wasn’t sure. I could tell she was getting horny, ...ecause she kept losing her train of thought and biting at the corner of her lip. About five minutes into the trip, I firmly slid my hand up her thigh, and pulled her panties aside with my index finger. I plunged my middle finger into her up to the first knuckle.She bucked hard, and spread her legs wide, hooking her near leg over mine. She almost. The company Bob owned lock, stock and barrel, and they were offering way over the odds for it. After my second read through I had two questions."Well it's very interesting, Bob, and a hell of a good price. What I want to know is, are you going to take it and what has it got to do with me?" Okay, Kevin, cards on the table. I'll answer your second question first. The deal has everything to do with you. For the deal to go through you have to sign a binding five year contract. These boys have done. Don't forget that." Thanks for reminding me, Julia. And a couple of hundred dollars for new clothes." {Raspberry}," from my beloved main girlfriend.Donna was also getting very excited at the idea that I had an infinite supply of money, and she started listing item after item that we needed to buy. Twelve-year old girls have some weird ideas for how to spend money. Donna's excitement went through the roof when she realized, "We can buy EVERYTHING!" I'd correct her slight misapprehension later,. ..At this I replied..."Oh are you now!" ... this seemed to take Ron by surprise ... till I smiled and laughed..."look guys" I said, "the four of us have been lovers for some time now, my husband lets me have fun with the three of these dirty old buggers as often as I like. If you want too, I would love you to join in with us this time too"...Frank smiled, then he looked at the two younger lads and spoke to them..."If you want to, you could just watch or join in, or if your not comfortable with.

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