Letting me sniff her very private smell was her way of granting me consent without having to say a word. Man, did my hormones kick in!I looked up at h...r face. It held the same vacant, longing expression that I saw on my own face (in the bathroom mirror) when I was smelling her panties.I grabbed the bottom of her pink night-shirt and pulled it up, exposing her curves to me. She wasn't wearing any underpants and I could see her pussy right in front of my face. It was the most attractive thing I. “You heard me singing to you?” I softly asked from about three inches above her smiling face.“Only in my dreams. Those words just kinda...” Shannon sweetly replied with a look of semi-confusion on her face.“I sang you a song called, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing to you last night. You just sang a line or two from its third verse.”Shannon gave her head a little shake and then sweetly sang the opening verse to that Aerosmith song. When she finish that verse, she said, “I don’t remember you singing. The next day I waited for her to go threw the yard , I must of miss her I went to the bedroom took of my clothes and put just a summer dress on no pannies and I just shave my cunt, I was horny think about I decide to go up even if she wasn’t there. When I got there no one was there I took out her blanket and lay ed it on the log, then I went over to her pee tree I squat down and lean against the tree, I close my eyes and begin playing with my self, when I felt a wet nose on the inside of my leg. My buddy came in and I introduced him to my wife. I handed him the camera and showed him the controls and he was ready to go. I sat on the edge of the bed with my wife standing in front of me and I started kissing her. I turned her around to face John (not really his name, but...), pulled open her lingerie and said, "how do you like these breasts? They're all real." I said to my wife "you don't mind if he feels them do you?" She was a bit apprehensive but he raised up his free hand and grabbed.

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