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Forgetting all about keeping a low profile, Aran bolted, shoving his way through the crowds and leaving a trail of curses and threats from those he jo...tled. He hardly heard them; he needed to get back to Sorla’s house as fast as he could.***MALOTH***Maloth sat in Shadow’s saddle atop a rise, surveying the sleepy town belown nestled the in valley between two long hills. The rise sat high enough above the town that it gave a suitable tactical view of the area.It was early in the evening, and many. I’m home now and I know I took care of you” she said with a smile, wink and her tongue licking both corners of her mouth. “Damn, you taste good. You felt what I’m offering you. What do you think, you wanna lose that cherry to me here, right now? You wanna fuck?”Shit, I never would have guessed in a million years this was how getting laid for the first time was going to go down. Damn, she was so hot and so wet, inside and out. The smell of her sex was overtaking the inside of the van not to. Now I was TOTALLYjealous and even pouty I wasn't going to the prom. I put on my jeans andtop, and we headed home.but the big surprise was getting my makeup airbrushed onWhen we got home, I suddenly felt ill. I mean, here I'd been trying to bea husband, and now my wife was going to see me totally dolled up. Eventhough I was still in jeans and stuff, I have to admit I looked prettyspectacular, and the new bra even made me bustier because I didn't have ac cup bra compressing my girls.I held my. We both had heavy days ahead, so we snuggled up a bit and had another drink, but then for me it was back to my place and for him to his. We'd see each other on Friday evening we'd agreed. I had lots of work to do before then, and a few special things to sort out and buy!Her First Whipping – Part 2Just snatching a moment before my coffee break (in the library) ... So, this is how things worked out. In between work, I had a think (and a bit of a Google) about whippy things, and thought I would.

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Fucking by boss

Fucking by boss

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Aunty dance

Aunty dance

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Young girl riding

Young girl riding

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