” She slowly spun around in my arms, and glanced up at me, she was still that shy girl, but I knew now that glint in her eye was desire, and it was ...rowing. She tilted her head up, and we kissed softly. It was passion and emotion and raw energy, and it wasn’t going to be satisfied with one soft kiss. As we broke apart, I opened my eyes to see something changed in her, and she turned away quickly. “What’s wrong? What did I do?” “Nothing, it’s not you.” “Then what is it?” I pulled her back. ‘No’ she laughed. ‘And this won’t be a long term thing will it? I really don’t want to have a permanent love triangle with her.’ ‘Nah, she just wants to see if you really are better than Sean.’ ‘wh...’ I would have continued but I heard a soft moan from inside the living room, I looked at Ashlie and she must have heard it too, she looked curious, I looked towards the living room door and Ashlie pushed it open, Amy wasn’t on the couch, she had moved the sheet me and Ashlie had used before onto. As her friends parked around her, she set the bike on its kick stand andswung herself off. With practiced ease she pulled off her helmet, settingher long blond hair free, allowing it to tumble down the middle of hertanned back. She kicked off her shoes then reached down and stripped offa pair of lycra jogging shorts. Walking out onto the boardwalk in herbikini, she waited for her friends, feeling the approving looks from thepassing men and women. As the last of the girls joined her, she. He’d wanted to touch himself, thinking about what they’d done. He was at war with himself over the whole thing; in a way, he was disgusted with himself for wanting to hump his sister, but another part of him felt like it was the most natural thing in the world. Was he actually attracted to her? He pondered it until an experiment—to see if it were true—occurred to him, and he began to plan for that night.Kayla started when there was a knock at her door. She’d been on that hazy edge between sleep.

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