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This was more than anything his 17 year old mind could have imagined, and he gulped, the sound audible in the quiet classroom. He saw her unbutton he... blouse, saw the beautiful satin bra emerge and watched as she touched her nipples, pinching them and squeezing them until they stood out through the material. He was so turned on and wondered if he was meant to be doing something. Did she expect him to try and touch her? By this time his confined erection was becoming painful, and no matter. He motioned for Barbala to approach them."Prepare me," he said and she poured some of the oil onto her hand, set the urn down and began rubbing the oil between both hands. Grasping his cock she gently covered it making sure it was well coated."Now her," he continued when she was finished."Thank you, Master," she said softly as she picked up the urn and poured more oil into her palm. Using her cupped fingers she applied and then spread the oil on her daughter's sparsely-haired slit making sure. He hadn’t a clue what I was up to. “Well, if it isn’t my dear Kate.” he said from his position by the picture window. “Yeah, thought I’d make a little appearance Jackie.” I said with a smile and holding his gaze. He looked a little ruffled, and not his usual cock-sure self, probably wanted me out of the way first to let his nerves settle. “So.” he said glaring at me. “Why should I give you the promotion?” Oh, I loved that approach, very text book. I assessed him before I answered the. "We returned to Tyler's house where my lessons began. Under Karen's close supervision I removed my dress and began to clean house like I have never cleaned house before. Although the house was already immaculate I was shown how to clean every nook and cranny the right way to keep it that way.I stopped at lunch time to prepare a light lunch that we ate together. And then there was an embarrassing interruption at two o'clock when the man they hired to teach me to cook came to interview me. I.

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