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She stood naked before me, with only the diamond pendant gracing her wonderfully sexy body. She smiled at me and raised one eyebrow. I got the hint an... got undressed. We got into her small dormitory bed and made love slowly and passionately, bringing not just our bodies, but also our souls, together. I felt the sharp edges of the pendant against my chest several times, a stark reminder of how important this young woman was to me, and would be in the future.When we finished, Bethany hugged me. “I’m sorry, Sara, I meant not to be rude.”“Yes, well,” Sara began, acid on her tongue. “I meant not to live on the street and starve to death, but look what’s happening.”Aran looked down at his hands. He was still clutching an apple in each one. He was uncertain what to say next, but then Sara spoke again, this time in a gentler tone.“I’m sorry, stranger,” she said sincerely. “I know you didn’t mean any harm. Thanks for the grub, and for not selling me out to that shop keeper. He caught me. She then forces him back onto her breasts to suck them more as she begins moaning in pleasure, "Mmm, Alan, love the way you suck on these. You know these will get bigger once you give me a baby?"That excites Alan further as he licks around her left nipple; Natasha then runs her pink-coated fingernails over Alan's scalp stimulating him while he kisses her breasts. Alan Smacks Natasha's ass hard over her jeans as he finishes sucking her lovely tits,Natasha moans softly, "Mmmm, you know I love. He took them into his hands. He slowly started kneading them in his palms. I gasped in pleasure in surprise. He started rolling my nipples between his fingers."Do you like that?"I moaned to answer him. He laughed a little bit and lowered his lips to my already sensitive nipples. His mouth was electric, making my back arch against his lips."Ahh.." I gasped. "Shhh..." he said, slipping off my panties. "This is going to feel even better."He gently traced his fingers along my clit. He lowered his.

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Hairy chut

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