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No, it cannot be? The articulated arm closest to her quickly answers her inner question: it stands up sounding like a hydraulic cylinder, and its four...ends, which are more or less the size of human fingers, close on her breast, and begin to knead it. A second arm gets closer, and pinches the nipple of the other breast, firmly! The forklift goes down about twenty inches, allowing a third arm to pass between the blades and slip two articulated “fingers” in her wet pussy ... and a third in her. After a couple of minutes of not moving Charlotte spoke “Julia you’ve been the only person to give my an proper orgasm”“I thought you were married,” I said“I am but that doesn’t give you an orgasm”“You’ve never had an orgasm with your husband”“No its hurts so much, I get tensed up and I just want it over and done with”“No foreplay” I said“Not now it takes to long” “I was told to remember the woman first for the best sex”“I wished my husband had been told that” Charlotte said“What did you mean. Otherwise they would have killed each other long before the adventurers get there.And MacGuffins. Something glowing in a briefcase from Pulp Fiction is one of the most well ones in modern cinema. Somebody trying to figure out what “Rosebud” is, or deciding to raise the Titanic to obtain crates of rare “byzanium” that is stored in the hold ... What the item is makes absolutely no difference, it is just the excuse used to get the story moving. I make extensive use of them myself, both when I was. ”“I’m glad you did because I wanted to meet you and get to know you. I was definitely attracted, but I’m not always able to take the bull by the horns like you did.”“I know.” She smiled. “But you certainly became a bull in bed last night and in this barn and that’s what woke me up. I felt your passion and that’s what I want in my life, passion. I think you’re amazing.”“Thanks.” I smiled and looked into her green eyes and noticed tears forming as she lay next to me, her strawberry blonde hair.

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