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I had a go with myself while I waited; I was so wet and turned on by the woman I came almost instantly. There was a knock on the door a few moments la...er and she was there, her bag on her shoulder. I let her in quickly and she nearly whispered, "Are you sharing the room with anyone?" I shook my head. I conveniently preferred having a room to myself."I clocked out already," she smiled. We nearly ripped her clothes off of her and she had me sit down at the edge of the bed. She walked over to her. “Are you okay?”Carl gingerly got to his feet, brushed sand off his arms, torso and thighs as the velvety voice hung in his ears.“Yes, I’m fine,” he said, sheepishly smiling at the woman. “Just lost my footing. No damage done.”She smiled. “That’s okay then.” And immediately she chuckled, a deep throaty, sexy sound. “I must say,” she said, “you gave a good impression of a falling-down drunk. Here, use my towel to clean off the sand.”Carl smiled back but shook his head. “It’s okay. I’m just going. I roll over tensing myself for another slap when you so softly stroke my back down over my butt , the backs of my legs and back searching out the spots that make me squirm as they tickle. you started playing attention to my still wet pussy and you started to sweep your fingers covered in my juices up to my ass and slowly inserted your finger one in my ass the other one deep into my pussy and you started moving them in and out till I was screaming into my pillow again and again - the pleasure. Now, why don’t you get me introduced to everyone.”She went quiet instantly, a strange look on her face, It wasn’t until I was almost asleep that night before I remembered I called her honey. I hope she wasn’t angry.I met them all. Her oldest brother Roy, a year older than her. Her brother Joe, a junior in high school, and the twin girls, fourteen, Anne and Sandy. One of their siblings couldn’t make the trip, but Mom(she insisted I call her that)showed me pictures and assured me I would meet her.

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