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.. My skin had taken a sort of goldencolor...and it was a little... sparkly. A little bit like that makeupsome girls at school rub on their cheeks to ...ake them glittery. All I could say to that was, "What the fucking hell am I?" Ofcourse there was no answer, not that I had expected one. So with that, I started looking more closely at my body, tryingto figure out what I had become, what the...whatever the hell it washad done to me. It was pretty obvious that I had turned into some sortof chick. "May I touch you, Master?" you asked cautiously as you reached the bottom of the steps.. "Yes, slave, you may touch me," I answered. My eyes searched out the mysteries of your sensuous and desirable naked form. You took the material I was carrying out of my arms and placed them against the wall. "May I kiss you now, Master?" you hissed in the heat of passion. "Yes, slave, kiss, me and kiss me well, you wanton cum begging slave," I answered. You took my hands and placed them softly on your tits. That was the young Di Rosa?The report went on for another two pages, noting with painstaking accuracy who attended the wedding and who waited on the guests. It also noted that the Di Rosa family members flew back to Philadelphia late Sunday and that they had not met with any known power figures in Las Vegas. The happy couple it seemed left town in a camping van for their honeymoon. It had been a rather cheap wedding for the Di Rosa and rather expensive for Uncle Sam, what with weekend overtime. Eve cried.Lenny hugged her and he held her close and whispered in her ear. He then gave her a small package.A few weeks later, Eve walked down a deserted street near Coney. She wore leopard tights, a purple shirt and high pumps. She approached the double doors of a brand-new spa. Eve entered and went down a spiral staircase to the pool area in the basement. She viewed a somewhat exaggerated portrayal of summer at Brighton beach which covered the walls of the pool. Gigantic women in tiny.

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It is my clip

It is my clip

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