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Hafsah was feeling lonely with her husband being away so often. One day Hafsah heard the door ringing as she went to open it she realised it was the p...stman, Patrick. He had came to deliver some new lingerie she had ordered online.'Oh hello Patrick' said Hafsah 'I got a delivery for you Mrs Khan' replied Patrick. 'Come on Patrick you can call me Hafsah you have been delivering to this house for years now. How about some tea you must be really tired?' Patrick accepted Hafsah's warm. I felt so sexy. I was wearing a long sleeve grey shirt that was WAY too big for me (which just made me love it more!) and my boyshort panties. I was a little underdressed in case Ashley woke up but she was in her bedroom and was a really heavy sleeper so I wasn’t really worried. Then I heard it. The truck was pulling up. Oh my heart was about ready to come out of my chest. I pulled my hair into a lose side pony and went back to the living room to watch my show.Uncle Kenny came in quietly and I. ‘The only thing I must ask you is that you never reveal this to Don. If he finds out, so be it, and I’ll step up and take the blame. But the Shadow Man must never find out… I fear what he would do. Not to me, but to others… * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Back in present time, Thursday May 19th, in my office… My mother’s eyes were twinkling as she stared right back at me, not giving an inch. ‘So, Mom.’ I said. ‘Why don’t you tell me what I already know half of, fill in the blanks, yes?’ ‘We are. Wrapped a soft leather cuff about it and clickedthe lock shut. A small lead chain allowed Vicki to follow. Jack led her alongbeing very careful to explain about the path she was walking. Carpet to thecool hardness of tile… a door opened… the warm of the sun… Vickiheld against the lead. She was naked! Jack tugged lightly upon the lead chain.Vicki swallowed hard and followed… outside… down the walkwayto the car. The door opened. Jack helped Vicki sit into the seat. "Jack, someone might see me.".

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My sister and sisters

My sister and sisters

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