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This never took more than a few minutes and always ended with M’s slutty face and mouth getting plastered with liquid love. One time, while they we...e at a group camping trip M got J all worked up while they were alone in the locker room. Just when J moaned “M…M…om gonna cum”, M pulled up J’s pants, leaving him teetering on the edge with a head full of steam. J got super horny and started jerking M off begging for him to finish while dry humping his leg, “PLEEassse….M….make ME cUM!” J got. ...” “I think I can see exactly what you were doing,” retorted Donna acidly! “Now the question is,” she continued, “what are we going to do about it!?!”Dell, turning a bright shade of crimson, tried to hide his embarrassment, but to no avail! Donna walked over to the still seated Lila and spat, “And you, you little tramp, I suppose you’re going to tell me that you didn’t have anything to do with this!!!” Before Lila could respond, Donna Winston took her finger and savagely jammed it into Lila’s. There was another young doctor there.A little older maybe.He looked more startled than us."Oh.Doctor Byrne,he said and went red,like i did."You..em..need a hand?", he asked. "No thanks" said Alex,in a calm voice,his hand,unseen by his colleague,moved under me,moving me,until it was rubbing my crotch.I couldn't believe it.He rubbed my trimmed bush."Everything is in hand"."O.k" said the other doctor who surely saw nothing unprofessional," If you need me,holler."I turned to face Alex.His finger. As soon as she realized it was me she laughed a little and asked, “What are you doing you naughty boy.” She always got weird about me seeing her out of the norm, even tho she was not prude about us having sex at all. We kissed for a while as I let both of our bodies get closer and wet under the shower head. I missed her so much that I enjoyed just having our wet slick bodies rub against eachother. At this point I was hard as a rock and she know it as she rubbed against me provocatively. IT was.

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