At first I thought I was imagining it, fantasizing with myself when suddenly she came over and said goodbye to me. We hadn’t actually said hello but...she was saying she was leaving. I kissed her goodbye on the lips, she was shocked and said you kissed me on the lips. I responded with where was I suppose to kiss you? She walked away to say goodbye to her friends than came back and said goodbye again. This time she kissed me briefly and whispered in my ear to follow her. I waited until she had. She was superb, so gorgeous with her ash-blonde hair pinned up and her body exposed to my hungry stare.“My God, are you going to come?”My mother was gazing at me, face slack with whatever it was she was feeling as I used my hand against my cock. She glanced back at my face, something like wonder in her eyes while I grunted and snorted and let out a moan.“Fucking hell, you’re going to cum!” my mother yelped. “Already,” she added, squeaking it out.By then I was feeling the spasms as my cock spat. No. I have indulged him all week and now it is time to pull him back to himself. I step back and kneel, reaching up to undo his belt. “Baby…” he says, pulling me up. Keeping hold of his belt buckle, it comes slithering out of his belt holes as I stand. I hand it to him. “I need you to be confident, controlling Jake.” I whisper, my pleading eyes looking directly into his tired blue ones. I hand him the belt, and he breaks our eye contact to glance down at it. I untie the sash on my robe and let. I kept slowly touching it. It was so warm in my hand. It wasn't the first one I had ever touched but it was the first time I had been in love with the person who it was attached to. His lips felt so good on my pale flesh I felt cold when he moved from place to place because his saliva would chill on my skin as the fan blew from across the room. He then pulled down on the top of my sweats and kissed along the top edge of my panties I twisted my fingers in his hair and squeezed down a little .

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Satin Silk 467

Satin Silk 467

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