Her face said she was unsurprisingly puzzled.'Are you saying this is the fifth time you've been here trying to get it?' she asked, not getting it at a...l.'Well, not exactly. Hey, while I have a moment with you, do you have a second?''Sure,' she said, smiling after a quick glance up and down my frame. 'Just got the tykes off to grammas, so now it's momma time. What's up?''So I know this probably will sound weird, but please take no offense and stop me any time if you want. So, here goes, my. ‘Right now I’ll be your private audience of one, but you may have to let me return the favor and let me make you cum in public sometime.’ I could feel his arm moving faster as my hands got more aggressive kneading and massaging his stomach and hips, down to his groin, his excitement building as I encouraged him with my hands and mouth to keep going. ‘You’re making me jealous to think that your cum is going down the drain instead of inside of me, maybe you should just let me taste it,’ I said. Warn the base that a civilian motor home will be arriving within the hour to transport them. If they need a password, use Sucarnoochee.”“Sucar-who?” Dwight asked.“Sucarnoochee, it’s the name of a tiny town near here. It was unusual enough that it stuck in my brain,” I replied. “I want to use a civilian motor home so the group next door doesn’t suspect anything. Have them bring several armored shields, the kind SWAT uses. The tunnel is at least half a mile long and there is no cover in it. Make. .. I don’t know Paige, I mean...” I started.“Look I promise it will never leave this room.” she interrupted.“I guess so.” I answered.“Would you go to bed with me tonight. I need to feel wanted ... I need to be loved, even if it’s only for one night. I promise, I would never say a word to Alexis.” she offered.I sat there stunned, I had no words to reply. This was Alexis’ best friend, was she really being serious? I sat up in my seat, leaning forward a bit, trying to collect my thoughts.“Paige,.

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