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Karl Benz at about the the same time. Nobody reeled in shock at the implications of the invention of the realistic self-propelled motorcar. Within 100...years of its invention, however, it had changed the landscape of the world, and the travels of man kind, beyond recognition.Likewise, the computer wasn't highly recognized when the first programable computer was invented for the Enigma code breaking project at Bletchley Park. The first modern personal computer was the Apple I. It was demonstrated. I love the flavor of my man! Then he told me to show him how much I really wanted to fuck him by sticking my tongue in his ass as far as I could. Lucky for both of us, I have a long, eager tongue and will do anything to please him. Next, he ordered me to take off my clothes and to get on the bed and spread my wet pussy open for him. As usual, he began to tease my throbbing pussy with his cock. He gave me only an inch at a time, slowly, while I begged for all of his fat eight inches, fast and. “Mr. Kelly!”Snapping to attention, Matt crisply saluted her. “Yes ma’am!”Recognizing sarcasm she gave him the eye. “You stay here, Mr. Kelly. I want to talk to you. I want only Program people on the front lines anyway.“And don’t undress right away, Judy. Wait until you’re all together.”“Yes’m.”“You look very nice, by the way.”“Thank you, ma’am.” I gave a little curtsy -- sarcasm again. In this outfit I looked like a Munchkin, or maybe a fifth-grade nerd. Which was the whole idea, of. "All he's doing is trying out some different women. It's nothing serious, it's only sex. He's gonna pick up some new techniques and bring them back here to try them out on you, Dummy. It will spice up your marriage and make it fresh. He won't love you an ounce less. It's only sex. He'd be stupid not to do it."She turned and kicked my fence. "What's so God damned funny Kyle?" she laughed."Nancy, have you ever wondered why I pretend not to notice that you have the hots for me?" he asked."No...".

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Milking the aunty

Milking the aunty

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