You find that here, now, lying under the warmth of a distant, burning star, matter has found matter in this vast chance dancing, and for a brief shini...g moment truth has been born from chaos to flower in this brief light. In all of the chaos this universe you have invited us to see, here on the drifting sands, truth has been born, here truth will live, and here truth will perish. And here in the shadows, truth will be reborn. For such is the promise of sand. We drift towards life in chaos. We. Annie was named twice. Her Sophomore year, and her Senior year." Her full name is Anna Maria. Daddy liked a singer by that name. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had seen, till he looked good at Mama. She busted the bubble for im. Look at the boys, too. You'll meet em tonight."The album was passed around and Sue or Pete told them the names of the offspring in the pictures. They were ALL very good-looking youngsters. Billy's phone rang. It was GAIL! "You off gallavantin' around the. ” With this, he nods to the torturer, who withdraws another poker from the hot coals.He hesitates for just a few seconds and the poker descends toward her breast, and she is screaming before it even touches her. SSSSSSSS…”Aaahhhhhh!!!” She screams as her tit flesh is cruelly burned. Next, instead of a poker, the torturer retrieves a wicked-looking set of red-hot pincers from deep in the brazier. The poor young girl’s face is the picture of terror as he approaches and roughly grabs her left. I found a couple of more opportunities to make love with Jeff. But I was curious. How would other cocks feel in me? Better? I hoped they would not be worse. Maybe just as good in their own way, but a very different experience with each? I was eager to find out.By the time I entered college at age eighteen, I had fucked a total of four great guys, counting Jeff. Each of them, multiple times.I had fucked a fifth guy once and only once. He had taken complete charge, not at all gentle; in fact, it.

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