She lay with her eyes on him and enjoying such a skilled lover, even if, he was her father. ‘I’m so glad that we’re doing this Dad and I never w...nt it to end.’ Tasha said with love and she was ready for Dad to love her. ‘Daddy, I’m on fire,’ she said with need and want. ‘Well, why don’t you climb on and take your ol’ Dad for a spin!’ She heard Dad and she was ready and on him in a flash. ‘Oh God, I’m so horny, Dad!’ Tasha moaned as she rubbing her dripping pussy on his rock-hard shaft and it. ” she replied.“On it!”It didn’t take me too long to get everything fixed up. She already had a new towel rack and the last time I was here I had bought some spackle so I knocked that out first. The door to the shower was a bit more difficult. There was a plastic piece that was missing on the track so I ran out to the Home Depot and picked up the part there. It was about 2 or so when I finished up. Even though it wasn’t too much work I was still sweating a bit so I figured I’d hop in the. I raised my knees beneath the sheets and spread them open, then slid my fingers down to my pussy and felt them slide into the fine pubic hairs then I found what I was seeking, the hood of my clit was beneath my probing fingers as I toyed with it and began to reminisce about what had happened so far, the theatre, the disabled toilets, losing him then finding him and ending up here at the hotel, spending the night with him, the incident with the waiter, all of this stuff raced through my brain as. ” (This statement was an understatement, but she wasn’t about to tell him that.) “I feel I’d be remiss unless I teach you about one more thing. And that thing is about fucking.”She then opens the bag she had brought in, and takes a small box out. Tossing it to him and says, “Do you know what these are?”Tommy, surprised by the toss, almost fumbles the box until he was able to gain control. He then looks at the box showing the famous trojan head and helmet. “Yeah, they’re condoms.”“Do you own.

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