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"Miss Cashmore almost pulled me to the desk by my collar, she was surprisingly strong for such a lithe Woman!"Oh yeah, you wanna tell me what this is...rude-boy!" She grabbed at my waist and her hand slid across the front of my pants, and suddenly my member was almost bursting through the material."What you packing Mori!, Is it Dope, is it Money? You better not be a Hood, I dont want any thugs in my class!"I was suddenly very angry and almost pushed Miss Cahsmore back, okay if this bitch wants. We had all been waiting not so patiently for the owner of the building to come up with a sales figure. Since the A1 Check Cashing Service and Payday Loan company had gone out of business two months before, the local Realtor had been on hold.Sylvia had just stumbled onto the building, because we were in a real hurry. Sylvia had also heard that it was my habit to wait until a seller was motivated, before I tried to purchase a piece of property. The A1 people had been out of town only a couple of. This is a time when I completely came to know why the winky smile was used.This is the second meet.Sorry, i forgot to say.We have already met in a wasn’t a long one.Just an icecream.I went to the room 326.I was standing in front of the room without moving further for several minutes.I knocked the door.”tok tok tok”.My heart was pumping.”lub dub lub”.The fastest beat since my birth.The door was opened.In front of me stands the female version of kamadevan.A chubby cute aunty.She was cream. 10 min chudai ke baad mai jhadne ke karib tha maine usko bola kaha nikalu wo boli andar daal de maine operation karwaya hua h bacche ke baad mai jor jor se dhakke maarne laga wo 2 baar jhad chuki thi wo ab jor jor ae aah ubhh mm aahhhh maaahh aaaa kr rhi thi.Phir mai uski chut mai jor jor se dhakko ke baad jhar gya aur wo bhi mere saath jhar gyi. Bahot sukun mila hum dono ko phir hum thodi der aise he pade rhe bed pr phir wo bathroom gyi wash krne aur uske baad mai. Ab hum dono nange the mera.

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