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“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she moaned.“Take you cock out and feed it to her,” said Sandra and closed the door.“C’mon, she is a lesbian.”“She ...s willing to try but it has to be now before she comes.”Who was I to say no? I dropped my shorts and took off my T-shirt. Naked, I walked to the side of the bed and when I got there; my cock was standing straight up.Sandra leaned over Jenny and angled my dick downwards her face.“There you go, just look at that tasty cock. Try it.”With a quick glance at Sandra,. I sobbed, “Mom, what should I do? I loved him – I really loved him.”She said, “Do you think he’s unhappy that you’ve told him to ‘f’ off.” I had never heard my mother use a profane word.I shrugged. “I don’t know. Probably. He tried to contact me. Yesterday, he went to my office to try to see me. I guess that means he’s thinking about me.”“And you can’t stop thinking about him.”I wailed into a good cry again, “Nooooo, I can’t. I love him.”“Honey, let me tell you a few facts of life that seem to. "Well, has thecat got your tongue?" I'd never heard the expression before, butunderstood what she meant and mumbled that it hadn't and my namewas Michael Wadsworth. "Oh no, that will never do will it Alice?" She spoke to the dollnearest to her and returned to pouring the tea. "I think I'll callhim Mikey, what do you think?" Turning back to me she said, "There,Alice agrees, from now on we'll call you Mikey. Now, why don't youthrow that silly ball back over the fence and sit down. You cantake. I’ve breached the quarantine, left the coup to open eyes to the light: streets are clogged with crashed cars & burning bodies now, rubble, debris, rat armies & burned skies: the electronic Word spread cover to cover, converting binary minds to the wisdom of the Cause, liberation through LCD screen. I embraced my new found freedom by assuming the rank of general in my Pal’s pet e-revolution, waging war & felling empires from the comfort of cramped & shadowed office basements. There is no.

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