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“Sung Hee, don’t be such a prude. You’ve seen Desperate Housewives! That kind of thing goes on all the time in southern California. In fact, I k...ow fewer women who don’t have affairs outside of their marriage than do! In fact, with my husband’s permission, I hook up housewives who want to have the occasional fling with men that are willing to pay. And pay well.” Carol said. “Are you serious?” Sung Hee asked. She was genuinely surprised. Not at the fact that a large number of housewives in. Should of had more sleep but was up late doing that video for YouTube. Can’t let my fans down. Though could of done it on patreon. Maybe next time. Either way I don’t use my real name or age on either one. Who would suspect that I just turned 18.Ok. Time to get up and get ready for school. First thing first and that’s the toilet. As I get up and walk into the attached room which is my bathroom. Always thought it was a good thing when my parents built this house that most of the bedrooms have. I was getting two massive BBCs in both of my holes. A sissy fantasy!! Hours go by and not a second of it did I not have a cock in both holes. They swapped repeatedly, ass to mouth, mouth to ass. It seemed like they would never cum!! They were fucking and gagging me for HOURS! Hours later, both men looked at each other and started grunting. This was it, both were going to cum at the same time! “Oh fuck, take this cummmmm, white boy!” The man fucking me exclaimed. The dick in my throat suddenly. Iulius had to do the honours.Later the lawyers were contacted and so were the surveyors. I worked at finding a source of building materials and looked at the homes Julian had mentioned. I had a lot of gold but it would not go far with what I had planned so I decided to build a house on my land when the purchase was finalised.During the coming days I found out a lot about Memmius Iunius and his family. They had mob written all over them but that was not an unusual occurrence for families to be.

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Quick one and ooops

Quick one and ooops

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