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Jethani usay kamray main le jaty hay aur bithaty hay..devrani: kya baat hay jethani bary shreef ban rahy ho aaj. Jethani: devrani jee aaj raat apnay p...ti kay saath guzar lo phir har raat……. Devrani: kyun agar dam hay to aaj raat hy karo na, phat ty hay kya…..ya phir jawan devrani say muqabla ky himaat nahee hay…….listening to this jethani gets wild…aur devarni ko dhakka kar devar say chipka dety hay aur khud us par chipak jaty hay aur usay apanay jism say dabaty hay aur kethty hay: devrani. As the screeching sound of the straight-razor-sized blades on Abaddon’s sword grinding against the glassy serrations of Baltoh’s, the latter gave a smile. With more than twice as much strength as Abaddon, Baltoh released one hand from his sword, while the Demon was left still desperately pushing with all the strength in both of his arms.Helpless to defend himself, Abaddon howled in pain as Baltoh slashed him across the chest with his talons, tearing open his chest cavity and nearly snapping the. " Jack shrugged, "Just a bad experience in the end but it really fucked me up at the time." "Babe, I told you, it's all bullshit. Me and you was a happy accident, a very happy accident." Jack smiled, he knew for certain it was and his encounter with that woman should be racked up to experience and forgotten. "No comeback then?" asked Fay with concern. "No, the Rossi-Barthez family are so secretive, she wouldn't fucking dare. What's a fuck anyway? That's all it was." "Love you babe." proffered. Just like it looked like Rachel's new name was 'Bambi'.Veronica quickly joined her naked friend on the bed, quickly going down on her. "You smell heavenly." She said in a muffled voice... and then giggled while her face was buried deep in pussy. It didn't take but a few seconds before Rachel was screaming out and bucking her pelvis up against her mouth... and then she came, gushing, quickly filling her mouth."Oh God... That was incredible." Rachel whispered while recovering. Veronica was busily.

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