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I was introduced to her mother that was finishing cooking supper. She suggested we go to the backyard and hang out until supper was ready. The famil... had 2 full sized poodles, one male and one female. When I tried to hold or kiss Cathy the male poodle would get very defensive and he had to be put back into the house. Cathy told me the male dog had a vasectomy and that the female dog had her tubes tied. Her mother said dinner was ready and we all set down to the table. As we set there. A look of affirmation from her eyes. "May I Sir" Yes" She pulled my undies hem out and down my big fat cock sprung out going vertical like a flagpole."Hands behind your back" A smile then she opened her gorgeous big lips. I held the shaft, pointed the head at her open mouth and put the circumcised head in her mouth. Her lips closed and her tongue swirled around the head. I reached across her back and put my two fingers back in her dripping wet box. A loud moan escaped her lips as my thumb. “I thought this was going to be a sleazy store, but this is very upscale.”“I am glad you approve. We do our best to keep it this way.” Turning, we see a gorgeous ebony woman in her early forties.“I... I am sorry, I... I did not mean anything by what I said.”“It’s okay, we get that kind of reaction from first timers a lot. My name is Cora, I own this establishment.”“It’s a pleasure to meet you Cora. I’m Eunice and this is my step-sister, Natalie.”“Well it’s nice to meet the both of you. What can. Ye dekh kar meri chut aur bhi gilli hone lagli.Aur mera bhi maan kar raha tha ki mujhe mi double penetrate kar koyi.Toh maine mere bete ko kaha . Bete mujhe aur use karo na.Chod dalo muhje aur .Apni rakhel maa ki chut phir se gili he.Toh rahesh ne kaha. Meri randi maa kitna chude gi. Toh maine kaha rakhel hu na tumahari chodo na.Toh usne mere baal khiche aur jab mujhe dard hone laga.Toh maine muh open kiya.Tabhi usne mere muh maine thuka.Aur bolla. Pi randi isse.Toh maine vo pilliya.Aur.

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Village beauty

Village beauty

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