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I got back to the motel, texted Brian and went to bed. I awoke at 11am; had a shower, put on some fresh clothes and grabbed something to eat. I was functioning by 12:30pm. With that done I placed a call to the hospital and spoke with Peterson Sr ... He confirmed that it was cleared with his bank for Justin Green to be given access to safe deposit box 112.Before going to the bank I ducked into a barber shop and had my head shaved and my beard completely removed, I wasn't hiding anymore.. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen and brewed a pot of coffee. While there, I took a moment to survey my surroundings. The entire suite was tastefully decorated in rustic, old-world Mexican decor. However, the almost rustic ambiance was in sharp contrast to sleek, modern southwestern paintings and sculptures prominently displayed on the walls that reminded me of a Beverly Hills art gallery. It was a delightful decorative duality that I immediately loved.The first floor of the suite had a. After all those things you've said about me - you want me. Period." Things I said about you? Are you joking? We kissed after a 7th grade dance and by the time I got to school the next Monday you had told every one that I was easy and that I let you do whatever you wanted to?"I never said that. You were the one who told all the girls I had a tiny penis and was a compulsive masturbator. It sure looked like 'ole Tiny' was more than a mouthful... and a handful. And please don't bother trying to. The train arrived and she got on the train through the same door that I used. It was a long carriage with no one else in it but she still sat opposite me. No table this time.Almost as soon as the train started she asked me something and we got into a chat. Within five minutes she told me that she and her boyfriend had split the night before. As I was thinking that this might be a bait for me to chat her up she did the same thing as the old lady years earlier. Her ankle was rubbing up and down.

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